Paternity/Identification Testing

Paternity/Identification Testing Human Identification Genetic Testing is the use of molecular methods to identify genetic relationships between individuals, and to resolve:
  • Forensic/ Crime cases, 
  • Paternity disputes, 
  • Maternity disputes, 
  • Sibling or Pedigree relationships.
Our combined expertise of over 35 years in the fields of Genetics, Molecular Biology and Patient management, in addition to our ultra-modern and advanced molecular technologies, ensure our clients receive their results within an unrivalled Turnaround time.  You could request for either of our Invasive or Non-Invasive Paternity/Identification Testing: Our legal team is available to provide all the required information and support once our client opts for the “Legal Purpose” test.

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  You could request our Paternity/Identification Testing, for your personal use.