Genetic Testing/Counselling

Sickle Cell Genotyping

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) refers to an inherited genetic blood disorder, characterised by the presence of the Haemoglobin S and/or C genotypes. It results in sickling of the Red Blood Cells in the presence of environmental or physiological stress. The following symptoms have been commonly observed:

  • Anaemia.
  • Delayed growth in children.
  • Swelling of hands and feet, usually associated with chronic pain.
  • Yellowing of eyes or Jaundice.
  • Frequent episodes of infections and pain, usually referred to as crises.
  • Bone necrosis in some individuals.

Newborn Genetic Testing

Newborn Genetic Testing or screening are a series of tests conducted within 3-6 days after birth, to aid the detection of blood or health disorders; thereby, providing the required treatment or patient management, to prevent further irreversible disability. 

Biologix Laboratories Limited is a Pioneer Molecular Laboratory in Nigeria, and we pride ourselves with the knowledge of biological systems. With over 35 years of combined research experience spanning Genetics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics, we are well-positioned to deliver molecular diagnostic solutions using current technologies in the field of medicine.

Based on our experience, we recommend the following Newborn tests:

Kindly note that the list of tests is inexhaustible, additional tests could be discussed with the Genetic Counsellor or your Paediatrician.

Sample Type: FTA Card with Heel prick Dried Blood Spot. 

Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks

For clarity on the significance of these tests, you could speak with our Genetic Counsellor. 

Paternity/Identification Testing

Human Identification Genetic Testing is the use of molecular methods to identify genetic relationships between individuals, and to resolve:

  • Forensic/ Crime cases, 
  • Paternity disputes, 
  • Maternity disputes, 
  • Sibling or Pedigree relationships.

Our combined expertise of over 35 years in the fields of Genetics, Molecular Biology and Patient management, in addition to our ultra-modern and advanced molecular technologies, ensure our clients receive their results within an unrivalled Turnaround time. 

You could request for either of our Invasive or Non-Invasive Paternity/Identification Testing:

Our legal team is available to provide all the required information and support once our client opts for the “Legal Purpose” test.

Genetic Counselling

At Biologix Laboratories Limited, we are a team of specialists with combined experience of over 35 years in the fields of Counselling, Genetics and Molecular Biology. Our Genetic Counselling platform provides our clients with the necessary support required to thoroughly understand genetic disorders and evaluate susceptibilities to hereditary diseases.