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SARS Cov-2 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 RT Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) is the recommended and widely accepted test for SARS-COV-2. It provides a more accurate result, detecting RNA genetic information of the virus, if it is present in an actively infected person. Biologix offers precise test in an efficient laboratory setting for an optimum experience.

You need to get tested if you ...

Are traveling outside the country (Nigeria)?

Just arrived the country and you have quarantined for 7 days?

Need a “Fit to fly” RT PCR certificate for travel in less than 24 hours?

Need a rapid (RDT) result succeeding a PCR test?

Need a “Back to work” COVID-19 test result?

Experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19?

Need a test report as a medical requirement in a case of emergency?

Need a post mortem COVID-19 test report?

How to get tested for Coronavirus?

Before testing, it is worth reading more detailed information or consulting your doctor. The information below is not a guide to action and is for informational purposes only

Information about test results is confidential

Right to dispose of the information received in accordance with the current legislation

Arrive at the appointed time for testing

Testing is carried out in accordance with the previously selected type of testing

Book for testing

Fill out the online form.A consultation with a doctor will help you to choose the right type of testing

Pay for testing online or at the test location

After payment, you leave your contact information to receive test results

Symptoms of Coronavirus?




Loss of taste and smell

Sore throat


Aches and pains


Emergency Case

080 5307 2221, 080 6958 3073

Need to travel in less than 24hours, a “fit to fly” certificate, a RDT result before a PCR result will be available, a “back to work” COVID-19 test result? Need to get tested as a medical requirement in case of an emergency?
Need a home pickup service? Need a post mortem test result?
Contact us. 08053072221, 08069583073

Frequently Asked Questions

Our facility is accredited and approved by NCDC, HEFAMAA and MLSCN for COVID-19 testing.
We are also a member of the Lagos State Biobank COVID-19 laboratories consortium.

You can book an appointment ahead for the test, but can also walk in without an appointment to get tested.

Turnaround time is within 24-48 hours.


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